Milan, Pioli: “Cycle over, we gave everything. The criticisms? I think they’re normal”

Stefano Piolitechnician of Milanto the microphones of Sky Sports analyzed his adventure on the Rossoneri bench: “They were two beautiful days, because in these 5 years I have been very emotional. Strong emotions that are nice to experience. A journey that has given us so much is coming to an end and it ends at the right time. There is only gratitude and recognition for the clubs and players. What I experienced is difficult to even dream of.”

The coach then returned to the negative moments that led to a lot of criticism: “I think it’s normal, we raised the bar, winning the championship with the youngest team ever. The fans are ambitious again – he wanted to reiterate – Not winning created discontent, but I experienced an environment that always gave us motivation and energy. Milan is a great club with fantastic fans, because a normal group would have moved on “But we came out of it. The cycle? Yes, it’s over. I gave everything. What we found is different from what we left , everything, but I also received a lot, from the players to the fans.”