Milan, Giroud: “I was incredibly hungry for goals, I wanted to hear that chorus again”

Olivier GiroudMilan’s center forward, spoke to the microphones of DAZN at the end of the last match with the Rossoneri shirt: “I have that chorus in my heart, I am very grateful and proud. I was incredibly hungry to score goals, to hear it again. I am very happy for everyone, even for Caldara, Mirante , Kjaer and the coach”.

The hug with mum and dad at the end of the game?
“They are my whole life, my wife and children were also there, not everyone came but there were people who matter so much in my life and help me every day. I need them, it’s normal for me to share these moments with them”.

Did you think you would relive certain emotions at this age?
“It’s true that when I arrived I didn’t expect to spend three years at this level, my body helped me a lot. I didn’t have too many injuries, I was lucky enough to play with guys who welcomed me very well. Over the years in England the matches were tough, here I experienced a second youth. It’s important for me that people remember me for what I did on the pitch but also as a person.”

What Milan are you leaving?
“I can say that there are many good things, we just need to add something. I’m not a coach or manager of the club, I think Ibra will be here to help with his experience. This year Inter have made an incredible run in the league, but we finished second. I hope that Milan will be close to the second star’s Scudetto next year, we need a little more competition to raise the level of the team because Kjaer and I are leaving but there are many quality players, there aren’t any. worried about Milan. I hope that a great coach arrives after the coach to give the objective and the line to follow.”

Why did you say goodbye while greeting the fans?
“I said goodbye because one day I will return to San Siro to watch a match, just for that. But you never know, if I want to work for a club, Milan would be top for me.”