Menichini on Salernitana: “It’s not automatic to go up immediately after a relegation”

Interviewed by salernitananews.itthe Turris technician Leonardo Menichini he spoke like this about Salernitana’s season, which ended with relegation to Serie B: “Five points in the second round are really few. At least in the first round there were a couple of shocks. A descent like that is hard to digest. However, the people of Salerno demonstrated their usual.”

On Serie A: “Serie A is competitive and very difficult, as demonstrated by the fact that, on the last day, we still don’t know who will be the third relegated team. Nobody thought that Sassuolo could go down and that Udinese was at risk. Salernitana had the qualities to fight for salvation, probably too many coaching changes gave confusion and tactical insecurity. Personally, when I take over on the bench, I first look at providing defensive solidity. If you don’t concede goals, sooner or later you manage to score. Salernitana’s season took a negative turn and it became difficult to straighten it out; even the episodes didn’t help.”

He comments on the next season in Serie B: “The club will certainly know what to do. The Serie B championship is complicated, it’s not automatic to go back up straight away. It can even happen in two or three years, there must be a project. In Salerno there will certainly be he anxiety about victory, there is the thought that Salernitana will have to lead the championship from start to finish and win it with a 20 point advantage. However, the environment must have patience and calm. The new coach will have to be given time, bringing in players functional, but above all hungry. Those who want to stay must have enthusiasm, those who don’t have it will rightly have to ask to leave”, he concluded.