Juventus NG, Chiellini: “We are very proud of the path of this group”

The Head of Next Gen Area of ​​Juventus Claudio Chiellini he spoke in the conference after the elimination from the playoffs at the hands of Carrarese: “It was a year of two faces: a very difficult first round, but it was foreseeable when you have very young players in your squad, it takes time. The boys and all the staff didn’t give up in times of difficulty. We pulled together, even the boys understood that they had to do that little bit more.

The return round was instead exciting, we managed to play well and score a lot of points and today’s is the right ending from a performance point of view. This evening we came away with two draws in the quarter-finals of the national play-offs against a strong team. We played two very high-level matches, we were only missing something in the last 20 metres. We are very proud of the journey of this group, we must be proud of it because the journey has been extraordinary.

The Next Gen historian has demonstrated how Serie C has been important for players in recent years. Yildiz and Huijsen are only the latest to move from Next Gen to the First Team and establish themselves in Serie A. We must congratulate the boys and Juventus for believing in the project early.”