Juventus NG, Brambilla: “We believed in it, Congratulations to Carrarese anyway”

After the draw in Carrara, which still earned them elimination from the playoffs, the Juventus coach Next Gen Massimo Brambilla spoke in the press conference: “There is regret because over the two matches we probably deserved to pass based on how we played both the first leg and the second leg. Congratulations however to Carrarese who had a great championship and passed by virtue of the best ranking. I knew we wouldn’t give up, this is a team that never dies, with enthusiasm and quality.

We believed in it, it’s a shame for how we interpreted both challenges. There is regret, a bit of anger because we could have handled some situations better, but there is no disappointment. Our growth is there for all to see, making these kids grow was the primary objective and their maturation is evident from both an individual and collective point of view. They played on equal terms against a strong team like Carrarese, even deserving something more.

Big differences between Group A and Group B? From a logistical point of view, I would say, with very long trips and difficulty in recovering between one match and another, especially in the first part of the season. Both in Group A and in Group B there are strong teams, from a technical point of view not much has changed.”