Juventus-Monza 2-0, the report cards: Alex Sandro scores on his farewell day, Marì does well

Final result: Juventus-Monza 2-0

Perin 6.5 – Perhaps in his last ball at the Allianz Stadium he presents himself with a reactive clearance on the outburst of D’Ambrosio after a tense cross from Colpani. From 46′ Pinsoglio 7 – Catwalk also for the third goalkeeper welcomed by an ovation from the Stadium. Reactive on Birindelli’s close shot.

Danilo 7 – Simply a wall in defense. He never gets caught during the game. Always present in going to play in advance of Valentin Carboni, he always recovers

Rugani 6.5 – He always follows Dany Mota in every area of ​​the pitch. Always very aggressive when the opponent has the ball at his feet, confident in the center of the penalty area on crosses that arrive in the area.

Alex Sandro 7.5 – Destiny sometimes gives us some really good stories. One of these is that of the Brazilian defender who, in his last match in black and white, finds the net under his curve. The advance on Mota Carvalho and the header that ends behind Sorrentino are perfect. From 73′ Djalo 6 – Overtaken by Djuric thirty seconds after his debut in Serie A. Once the emotion of the first match is gone, he is more precise.

Weah 6 – Shows good acceleration in the right lane. He does a lot of work in the two phases but in the last minute of injury time he lets Mota Carvalho take his time by spreading him into the area but luckily for him there was a handball from Pessina first.

Alcaraz 6 – He presses Monza’s ball carriers, recovering important possessions and restarting his team, creating dangers in Sorrentino’s goal. He also commits some naivety but the boy promises well.

Beans 7 – Celebrate your pre-call-up to the national team with an over-the-top performance. He gets the ball and distributes it with elegance and rhythm. He chipped the crossbar with a shot from the edge of the area after a personal move. Alex Sandro’s cross was perfect for the 2-0. From 78′ Nicolussi Caviglia sv

Iling Jr 6 – He exchanges positions with Yildiz on his side, preferring to centralize to make room for the Juventus attacking winger. Also attentive in the defensive phase with generosity.

Church 7 – Always ready to make the most of his speed in head-on overturns. He unlocks the game with an acceleration of his hands that leaves D’Ambrosio stunned on his side. He comes close to scoring a double with a long-range shot that hits the crossbar.

Milik 6 – He tries to close a low cross from Weah towards Sorrentino from the right lane without success. But the work for the team is really a lot and excellent. Juventus’ goal was born from one of his shots for Chiesa. From 73′ Vlahovic 6 – He duels with the Monza centre-backs but doesn’t score. Excerpt without high notes but not without smudges either.

Yildiz 6.5 – When Juve lights up they create dangers at Monza’s goal. In the second half he engages in a rustic duel with Izzo who makes him very nervous but he warms up Sorrentino’s gloves after a good run. From 86′ Miretti sv

Paolo Montero 7 – His adventure on the bench of the Juventus first team ends with a victory. Good performance from his team, now we are just waiting for the name of his replacement (Thiago Motta?)

MONZA (edited by Yvonne Alessandro)
Sorrentino 6 – The Di Gregorio affair (really a hand problem?) is serious enough to leave him on the bench, so it’s up to him. Chilled by the crossbar chipped naturally by Fagioli, punished at the near post by Chiesa and then by Alex Sandro’s lucky goal. Finally he makes two fundamental saves on Yildiz and Chiesa.

D’Ambrosio 5 – The only good thing is the shot at the near post that commits Perin. He misses far too many low passes and throws away a myriad of balls. And Chiesa goes ahead of him at 1-0. Annihilated.

P. Marì 6.5 – He muzzles Milik with high advances and without fear in one-on-one situations. The lost ball was an isolated risk due to Fagioli’s resulting crossbar. For the rest literally monumental. Palladino’s advice really helped.

Izzo 6 – Yildiz gives him a couple of migraines. In the long run he regains his composure and becomes an absolute safety on high balls. As well as on the providential diagonal at Milik’s tap-in. Sparks on the pitch with Yildiz, he wins the duel of nerves with cunning.

P. Pereira 5.5 – He is very close with D’Ambrosio to close the openings on the left-handed corridor. He made few offensive attacks, more precise holes with his right foot. Reviewable. From 74′ Kyriakopoulos sv – He takes charge of free kicks to get past the Juventus defence, but has few minutes to make an impact.

Pessina 5.5 – Too dirty and imprecise, the understanding with his teammates is light years away from normality. The charcoal copy of the usual captain. Tarnished.

Gagliardini 6 – Tactical intelligence to anticipate opponents. By profession he manages and wins back balls. From 46′ Bondo 6 – Elementary in support, he at least guarantees that dynamism and physical power that was missing from Monza’s midfield. A crazy washing machine, good impact.

Birindelli 6.5 – Palladino’s wingman. He wears out the right wing by dint of ups and downs in the various transitions of the game. Some crosses split Juve in two, he eats his hands for that sure shot denied by Pinsoglio. From the 65th minute Zerbin 5 – He enters the field and loses his mind. Too much enthusiasm and that extra bit of nervousness chains him to the double yellow and the categorical expulsion. In full recovery. Naive.

Colpani 6 – Good ideas from his side thanks to the frequency of pace in the short term, devastating for anyone. That sharp left-footed free-kick that catches D’Ambrosio almost isn’t worth an assist. Unexpressed star. Birindelli certainly doesn’t help him shine. From the 46th minute Djuric 6 – More centimeters in the area, but Danilo blocks it with the straightjacket. The only colossal chance in the goring was denied by a Pinsoglio in a state of grace.

V. Carboni 5.5 – Unfinished talent. A few revs on his scooter make his eyes shine, but when Danilo takes his measurements he becomes almost transparent. He spends disproportionately on coverage for the multitude of recovered and recycled balls. Little forward thrust. From 81′ Ferraris sv – Palladino gives the class of 2003 a dream debut in Serie A, among other things at the Allianz Stadium.

Mota 5 – He should be the point of reference in attack, he puts himself in the shoes of a ghost. Clumsy and reviewable in the (failed) marking on Alex Sandro. With the entry of Djuric it widens to the left, the result is the same. Disappointing.

Raffaele Palladino 5.5 – A bitter farewell where it all began, given that he began his adventure as coach of Monza in Serie A against Juventus. A harsh sentence given the opportunities his boys had, missing the personal goal of 100 points with Monza. Now all that remains is to discover his next destination.