Juric: “Gasp the best in Europe. Overall? With this squad we did our best”

Ivan Juric he is surprised by Atalanta’s verve, which overwhelmed his Turin? The Croatian coach assures no to the microphones of Dazn: “No, the players are fantastic and Gasp for me is the best European coach. They have players of an absolute level: Koopmeiners, Scamacca, Lookman. They have very strong players, with a clear idea. It’s a great team.”

The final budget?
“My balance sheet is fantastic, everyone gave their all: we had injury problems, but we managed to fix a bad start. We hope that Fiorentina wins and goes to the Europa League, but there are many good matches this season, many exceptional guys. The numbers are clear and they are important.”

Do you mind leaving?“No, it’s clear that Torino would like more, you always have this feeling. I think that with the squad available we have done our best, considering all the difficulties we’ve had in the three years. To do a little more we need more : more quality, more strength, more everything. I’m not disappointed, I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made from the situation we had to the current one. Torino has an interesting set of players, they have three in the national team, they’re in ninth place.” .

Do you feel your work has been recognized?
“I don’t know, someone recognizes it and someone expects more. I work for Torino, you have to do the maximum with the players available and in my opinion we have done the maximum: if you bring three young players into the national team it means that you have worked on It’s not easy to achieve more. I’m very proud and I look at the numbers of how it was before and how it is now: the team has a different value than before, the work was wonderful.”

At what level is Italian football? Are you attracted to a foreign league?“I think we are at another level, I think of the matches against Bayer Leverkusen or Liverpool. Then in the Champions League there are teams like Real Madrid or Manchester City, who have such a large number of players that they win all the matches. But at the level tactically there are coaches without comparison. I think of Inter’s final against City, dominated by the Nerazzurri: it means that the level, from all points of view, is very high. In my opinion, foreign coaches only have to learn from seeing ours championship”.

Why do you say that Gasperini is the best in Europe?“For me, what he has done in eight years has never been done by anyone. He arrived at a club, developed talented players, sold them for eye-watering prices. He knows how to do everything well, he chooses the players for his game , you train them, you transform them. Take the first goal they scored against us today: but what are we talking about.”

Would you like a project where you choose the players?“I think that all in all we worked very well at Torino, it was a situation in which you had ten contract deadlines and seven loans. Then you sell Bremer or Lukic and renew, it’s difficult: it’s not that I wasn’t respected, it’s that the possibilities economics are what they are. I think that in these three years we have worked very well, and I hope to continue like this, respected as happened both in Verona and Turin”.

Where=?“No, I have nothing.”