Inter, Lautaro’s agent pressing: Oaktree’s first move cannot be to sell the captain

Three interviews in the space of two days. Alejandro Camano he spoke again and did so abundantly. With some contradictions: for example, the agent of Lautaro Martinez he downplayed the economic issue. Which is instead – as normal – the central one in the negotiation for the extension of theInter and its captain. But the prosecutor does his job and, basically, the intention is always the same.

The desire to renew is there, it cannot be questioned. There is a lack of mutual willingness to come together, which is understandable on both sides. And the argument, beyond the importance of technical aspects or ambitions, is strictly economic. Inter can get closer to Lautaro’s requests, but not open Pandora’s box: he is the leader of the dressing room, but too wide a distance with the other most important players could create some problems for him. At the same time, if the Bull he has a market, his agent makes requests in line with the club’s evaluation.

As a backdrop to the negotiation, the change of hands at the top of the Viale della Liberazione club. Not exactly a detail, if anything a central aspect of the story, because the move from Suning to Oaktree also changed the balance of power in the discussions between the club and the agent. Given that one could even postpone the matter – given that the contract expires in 2026 – having reached this point it would be a difficult move to explain, after months of optimism at every turn. And the Skriniar case teaches us something on both sides. The question, ultimately, is rhetorical: can the first move of the US fund after taking over Inter ever be the sale of its captain, of its most representative player? Obviously anything is possible, it’s business. But, of all the business cards, it would be the worst possible.