Inter, Bisseck: “Scudetto won with Milan forced to watch, a fairy tale”

The Inter defender Yann Bisseck was interviewed by the German portal Geissblog where he recounted all the emotions he experienced after winning the Scudetto: “Ever since I arrived here it was like living a dream – he began -. It was wonderful to parade in the city after the title, the support of the fans was enormous for me, especially when like me you come from a smaller club.”

Two words on the Scudetto derby against Milan: “It was really too good to be true, it’s the match of matches for us and for the fans. Beating them and forcing them to watch while we celebrated was like living a fairy tale, I still get shivers thinking about it.”

Finally, a summary of his first year at Inter: “When you come from a smaller club you have to be very cautious. I played more than I would have expected, I was lucky to have the chance to play in December and I’m happy to have made myself known. I didn’t think I would have so much space, obviously a player always wants to play. I can’t complain, although obviously I would have liked to play more.”