Il Romanista on the front page: “Straight ahead”

“Straight ahead”we read on the front page of today’s edition of The Romanist, a newspaper that closely follows the events of the Giallorossi. The team of Daniele De Rossi will be busy in Empoli for the last match of the season, when the Romans take to the field they will already know if there is still hope of going to the Champions League: “The last match of the championship is being staged at Castellani – we read -, a match that counts more for the Tuscans than for us, with over 3 thousand fans following us, but we have the duty to play it, just following our own path.”

It will be Paulo Dybala, the Argentine will start together with Tammy Abraham, Spinazzola however does not recover. Daniele De Rossi’s words in the press conference were also low-key: “Now it’s difficult to reach the Champions League”.