Il Messaggero headline: “Lazio, one point for the Euroleague. Rome, DDR shock”

Lazio and Roma will close their championship this evening. Both are looking for points to consolidate their position and try to chase that sixth place which could also qualify for the next Champions League. Igor Tudor’s Biancocelesti will take to the field at the Olimpico to face the already relegated Sassuolo while De Rossi’s Giallorossi will face off against an Empoli who are not yet safe. This is the headline on the front page of today’s edition The messenger: “Lazio, one point for the Euroleague. Rome, DDR shock”.

The words in conference by Daniele De Rossi
This is Daniele De Rossi’s comment on the eve: “It’s been less than 6 months, they taught me and gave me a lot. They reminded me of things I knew: sooner or later difficulties and criticisms come, I knew it and I was ready when we didn’t win plus all matches.

They gave me confirmation about myself and what needs to be improved. We are in the right place and for now we are up to par. Then football is a book that is written, making reports with only half the season completed is complicated: next season will be important for us and for creating something lasting.”