Genoa, Badelj: “The opponents now respect us. I see it in the eyes of the players at Ferraris”

Interviewed by today’s edition of The 19th Centurythe captain of Genoa Millan Badelj he commented on the championship that has just ended for the rossoblù team. We start from that “quarter of an hour from Genoa” that the team played in Rome against Lazio after the home collapse against Fiorentina: “Then I said that we had all the potential to extend that quarter of an hour: I think we’re there successful, more often than not. We were not only tough in the defensive phase, we improved in ball possession. The goals we scored against Napoli and Cagliari with Frendrup are proof of this, just to give a few examples objective that we cared about so much.

To say that the opponents now fear Genoa may be a bit exaggerated. But they certainly respect us, I see it in the eyes of those who come to play here at Ferraris. We put all the teams we faced in difficulty, especially when we had the chance to be at full strength. There were matches in which we didn’t have either Retegui or Ekuban up front and this had an impact.

I think this team has room for improvement. I am optimistic for next season, we must not stop: these months have shown that we can continue to grow.”