Frosinone report cards – The defense falls asleep on Davis, DiFra didn’t deserve the B

(76′ Davis)

Matching waxes 6.5 – Ready to go, immediately called into question by Kristensen and Brenner. He will feel the repercussions on a physical level, but he grits his teeth. Little can be done about Davis’s blow.

Lirola 5 – He sends Brenner to the goal, but it’s the wrong one and he lights a candle in San Cerofolini. He puts the patch with some discreet defensive movements. (From 84′ Ghedjemis sv).

Romagnoli 4.5 – At the first real opportunity, Lucca does what he wants. Very often we saw decidedly better scoring compared to the one that was the prelude to Udinese’s 1-0 win. It’s a lightness that weighs a lot.

Okoli 5.5 – Inaccurate in his supports, but dangerous on an inactive ball. His work was also too soft during the visitors’ advantage.

Zortea 6.5 – The most dangerous arrow for the hosts: he pushes and creates opportunities, especially from outside. (From 95′ Monterisi sv).

Barrenechea 6 – He makes Frosinone turn: don’t look at the result, and relegation obviously weighs heavily, but the Ciociari played the game.

Brescianini 6.5 – It is no coincidence that Giuntoli put him in his sights: various dangers arise from his inventions, including the post at the start of the second half.

Valeri 5.5- He pushes less than expected, in those parts Frosinone doesn’t sink or break through.

Soulé 6.5 – He officially becomes the player with the most hits in the championship. What Juve sees in Yildiz that they didn’t see in him is a mystery: he loses his mind at the moment of the substitution, which he wouldn’t have wanted. (From 84′ Reinier sv).

Harroui 5.5 – He replaces the foil in favor of the sabre, after all the evening needs this. Good in the first half, two steps back in the second half. (From 84′ Cuni sv).

Cheddira 5.5 – He almost never manages to make himself dangerous.

Eusebio Di Francesco 6 – Sufficiency when you are relegated seems counterintuitive, we know that. The descent to Serie B, however, does not cancel the championship of a team that seemed doomed and instead was condemned at the last second. Even today, the match is played by Frosinone. Can we save ourselves like this? You might say not, given the result, but it was brave, and also nice, to have tried. He didn’t deserve her.