Cosenza, mayor Caruso’s appeal: “Let’s do everything to keep Tutino”

The mayor of Cosenza Franz Caruso awarded the City Seal to the Parma-owned striker on loan to Wolves Gennaro Tutino. Below we report an extract of his statements reported by PianetaSerieB: “Cosenza loves you, we hope to achieve a dream and we hope to do it together with you, Gennaro. I am sure that the President will be able to evaluate all the opportunities and opportunities that the market offers No interference in the club’s choices, but it would be appropriate to start again in the new championship from the tandem that has dragged Cosenza on this wonderful ride which sees Gennaro Tutino and William Viali as the pillars to be able to aspire to reach that coveted goal. Cosenza has been aspiring for a long time. We do everything to keep Gennaro Tutino here and, together with him, to start the new season, to realize the dream that we all have. From today, with this recognition, this is your second city. Today you represent not the champion, but those values ​​that sport must transmit to young people to make them grow better and to teach them to respect the rules”.

Cosenza boasts a right of redemption on the player which they will be able to exercise no later than June 15th by paying a sum of around 2 and a half million euros into Parma’s coffers.