Bruscolotti: “Naples, let’s forget the past. This must be the motto”

Interviewed by today’s edition of The morning, Giuseppe Bruscolotti he commented on Napoli’s situation, also placing emphasis on how we can start again from this complicated moment that arrived a year after the conquest of the third scudetto: “Putting a stone on this season but above all knowing who you want to bet on. You have to understand what it is happened inside the locker room and clean up if there are problems: there will be changes. Well, the fact that some are asking to leave makes me think.

Why? I find it inconceivable. For me, Naples and the Naples fans are nowhere to be found, so if anyone even asks to leave they will regret it. For sure. If someone gets angry about some insult that came in a disastrous championship then go away: I’ll tell you.

And for whom will it remain? Let’s forget the past. This must be the motto. Only in this way can we find the necessary strength to move forward. Now we just need to go back to those episodes again, to what went wrong, to what was wrong… Your mind must go to the future and how much good this team is capable of doing. Because he is capable of it: I’m sure of it.”