Xavi comments on the dismissal: “I accept the decision, I have no other choice. I could return”

There was great anticipation for the latest press conference Xavi. The coach will not sit on the Barcelona bench next season: “I’m fine. They’ve been complicated days, they haven’t been easy. I have a clear conscience, I’m proud and serene. It hasn’t been easy: I arrived in a difficult moment and we can be proud of the work done. It wasn’t an easy experience given the situation and we are happy because we did a good job. We are men of the club.”

The announcement of the dismissal: “Laporta explained to me the reasons why he believes the club needs a change of direction. I accept it, he is the one who decides. I have no other choice, I am a man of the club. I wish him good luck and now I will be a fan. They decided to change for the good of the club and I just have to respect that. I was motivated, I believed a lot in the squad and I was convinced that we could do interesting things, but it won’t be possible.”

Will you come back one day? “Why not? This is the club of my life. We experienced a swing of emotions, but I liked it. I have nothing against Laporta. These are decisions that depend on the club, I understand them. Problems to be resolved? No, no problem Are the legends mistreated? It’s a question to ask the president and the sporting director.”