Venezia is the first finalist of the Serie B playoffs. 2-1 against Palermo, goals and highlights


Venezia is the first finalist of the Serie B playoffs, Palermo eliminated. Vanoli’s team, after winning the first leg in Sicily thanks to Pierini’s goals, also prevailed in the return match at Penzo. The final score was 2-1 thanks to goals from Tessman and Candela. Palermo’s goal in the final was to no avail, with Traoré’s shot deflected by Svoboda. The lagoon players are now awaiting the outcome of Cremonese-Catanzaro to find out their opponent in the final.

Vanoli’s words
“I said the day before that we are not the type of team that speculates on the previous result, if we had been content to manage I think we would have had quite a few problems. Luckily the boys understood very well what I wanted from them and the interpretation of the match was correct. In the first 20 minutes I saw a beautiful, spectacular Venezia, able to press high, to change play with ease and to shoot in various circumstances. We lowered ourselves a little and Palermo did emerge those qualities that we knew, but I think we deserved this final. We must enjoy the moment, from tomorrow morning we will start working again in view of the final and waiting to know our opponent.”

In the video below the highlights of Venezia-Palermo 2-1