The incredible story of I. Williams: for over two years he played with a glass crystal in his foot

Can you play football for over two years, as a professional, even winning the Copa del Rey, with a shard of glass stuck under the sole of your foot? Yes, you can. Ask to believe Inaki Williams, flag of Athletic Bilbao, who succeeded for two and a half years. A two-centimeter glass crystal stuck to his foot. To tell it is Ernesto ValverdeAthletic coach, who spoke at a press conference yesterday:

“He gave me permission to tell this story because it’s worth telling. During the holidays, two years ago, he stepped on glass and suffered a deep wound on his foot. For some months he had been complaining of discomfort in the scar. He was undergoing treatment and after the Copa del Rey final, on April 6, an MRI was done and the glass was still stuck in the sole of the foot. When they sewed it up they left the glass for about 2 centimeters and it was already approaching the. bone or tendon. The doctor and I burst out laughing because we didn’t believe it.” But it was the truth. See this photo to believe it.