Simeri greets Taranto: “Pride for the path taken, history cannot be erased”

Goodbye social media for Simone Simeria striker who arrived at Taranto in January, on loan from Bari. The striker entrusted his final greetings to his personal profiles, retracing the season and opening up to a possible return in the future:

“I arrived on tiptoe in a group and in a city where an extraordinary journey was being made, I tried from day one to make everything I had available, football and otherwise, and I don’t know if I succeeded, but I know that I leave aware of having met people who will remain in my heart forever, and left a city that welcomed me with its heart. Aware of having been part of a journey where I saw 15 thousand people in the camp who had been missing for years ago understand what we were able to do, and this makes me proud. It’s a shame for everything that happened but history cannot be erased. Goodbye Taranto.”