Roma’s report cards – Minami and Viens cross and delight, Giugliano magic. Ceasar not perfect


Caesar 5.5 – He messes up too much with his feet, giving away the first goal to his opponents and then risking the same thing again in the first half. He can do little on Janogy’s two goals even if he isn’t flawless on the third. He redeems himself by saving Severini’s poorly taken penalty which proves decisive in the final lottery.
Bartoli 5.5 – When Fiorentina sinks deep they also struggle to close the gaps and not allow Hammarlund above all to go away. From the 105th Valdezate sv
Minami 6 – He doesn’t always withstand the clash with Janogy, as on the occasion of Viola’s third goal, but he partially makes up for it with the goal that reopens the final and then with a decisive finish in extra time. He also comes close to scoring a personal double with Baldi who stifles her scream in goal with a great save.
Linari 6 – She isn’t flawless in front of her favorite team, but she is the one who does best in defense with some decisive closures, even in extra time.
By William 5.5 – Janogy and his acceleration suffer, but overall he holds his own in the first half. He gets worse in the second half when he gets caught by the cut on the occasion of the Viola’s second goal and then takes a big risk, only yellow, to stop an opponent launching towards the net. From the 60th Sonstevold – He comes in to give more solidity in the lane at the expense of a bit of push, but it’s a move that turns out to be a good one.
Kumagai 5 – This time he doesn’t manage to make a great filter in the middle of the field to dirty the opponent’s actions with Boquete, among other things not on his best day, who moves a lot and gives him few points of reference. Even during construction it is not at its best. From the 76th Glionna 6 – He comes in to give more weight to the offensive phase and this too is a good choice with the third goal coming from one of his plays.
Giugliano 6.5 – The flying heel, almost a scorpion, with which he serves the assist for Giacinti is a masterpiece. For the rest he alternates good plays in the middle of the field with some mistakes in the last twenty meters, also wasting a sensational opportunity in the first half.
Flocks 6 -Usual scooter in the middle of the pitch, invaluable both in the pressure phase and when you need to break away to restart the action giving verticality. His acceleration resulted in the equalizer in the first half. From the 59th Troelsgaard 6.5 – Physicality and running in the middle of the pitch. He scores the decisive penalty that brings the Cup back to the Capital.
Comes 6.5 – Not his best night. Lots of movement forward to widen, tighten and exchange with Giacinti. Better when he returns as central striker with the goal at the end that extends the final and keeps Roma alive. However, he wasted the knockout blow in the final second of extra time.
Hyacinths 6 – He has the merit of believing in it and not being scared by Baldi’s exit and scoring the equalizer. He fights forward, playing with the opposing centre-backs, but lacks the right energy on a couple of occasions to enrich his tally of goals. From the 59th Pilgrim 5.5 – He gives liveliness to the attack and also shows up in retreat to lend a hand to Bartoli. However, she is not lucid and mean when she arrives in front of goal, wasting a sensational opportunity at the end of the first extra half.
Haavi 6.5 – In the first half his crosses are one of the biggest dangers for the Viola rearguard, in the second half he sees a little less, but he demonstrates enviable athleticism, always running at full speed up and down in the relevant lane. From the 105th Feiersinger Sv.
Alessandro Spugna 6.5 – Brings the Italian Cup back to Rome after two defeats in the final in a row and closes a season as dominator of the women’s Serie A in the best possible way. His team isn’t as good as we’ve often seen, but he never gives up and the changes are ultimately successful.