Pioli is on Fire. The final tribute he deserves at San Siro

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‘Pioli is on fire’. A chorus that has become a catchphrase in football, in curves, in pubs but also in Italian discos. This is because Stefano Pioli wrote a historic page for Italian football and Milan and today, at the end at San Siro, he deserves a tribute and a greeting worthy of the greats. We talk about it in today’s Podcast on Tuttomercatoweb.com, with Marco Conterio.

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Simon Kjaer’s advice to the AC Milan management
Simon Kjaer gave an interview to MilanTV to officially announce his farewell to Milan; as he always did during his years with the Rossoneri, the Dane wanted (also) to leave some advice, a legacy, an exhortation to the management and the whole team: “Quality is not enough. To improve and make the team grow you need to know how to suffer and have the right mentality to work and look forward. You can do many things with a group, even with less quality. In the world of football there is only one thing that rules, and that is mentality.” They are not random words or dictated by the moment, but confirmed by facts. Let’s think about the same parable of Kjaer in Milan: the great leap in quality in Stefano Pioli’s group occurred with the arrival of Ibrahimovic and Simon himself in the squad. Characters of status, of depth, of personality, of soul, who have managed to instill in the young Rossoneri boys the right mentality to climb the hierarchies especially in Italy and also in Europe. It is therefore clear how fundamental the experience/leadership component is in building a winning team.