Pescara, Campitelli: “We are working with Sebastiani to build a competitive squad”

Ready to officially enter the Pescara organization chart (the new vice-president should be appointed next week), Luciano Campitelli spoke to the microphones of the Abruzzo edition of The messenger to explain his role and his motivations: “I thank the president for the opportunity, I am a passionate man and, when I fall in love with a project, I give my all to make it happen. The relationship with Sebastiani has been close since the days when I was the owner of Teramo and it has consolidated over the years. Coming up from Serie C is not easy, you have to have patience and work hard.

I will be alongside Sebastiani who, despite the difficulties, continues his journey in a category full of tears and blood. There are clubs, even prestigious ones, that have disappeared after relegation to Serie C while he continues to fight.”