Monza, Pessina: “Positive season. Bitterness at not being called up for the European Championship”

The Monza midfielder Matteo Pessina spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports after the defeat against Juventus: “They have been two very positive seasons for us, because Monza had never been in Serie A before last year, we managed to save ourselves last year by having a crazy season, this year also many days in advance and therefore very positive. Personally I also think it’s positive, but I think about the team first.”

Atalanta’s Europa League victory?
“I am very happy for Atalanta, for what they have done, they started a project many years ago that has reached its peak, or perhaps not yet. Atalanta has paved the way for many other clubs on the model to follow if they want to reach to objectives. Organization, sports center, stadium are all steps that lead to great placings.”

How much bitterness is there for not being among the 30 players called up for the European Championship?
“There is certainly a bit of bitterness, I was hoping to do it like three years ago when we won. However, in these cases the coach is in a bit of difficulty because he has many very strong players at his disposal and he has made his choices. Right so, I will cheer on my teammates from home.”

After Berlusconi’s death there were those who thought that Monza could implode.
“We have a great manager behind us, Adriano Galliani is a champion in this, he is the boss because he knows the world of football in the round and continues to do so, he knows players, managers, the type of football that must be played today. He it’s a great help for us, the Berlusconi family has been alongside us, so there are all the bases to do well