Monza, Pessina: “Di Gregorio deserves a great team. National team? I was disappointed”

A bitter defeat on the last day of the championship. Matteo Pessinacaptain of Monza, addressed the microphones of DAZN to review the 2-0 against the Juventus at the Allianz Stadium: “An assessment of the season? Definitely positive. We know that before last year Monza had never been in Serie A, we achieved historic salvation twice, this year with many days to spare. It was the our goal. In the last quarter of the season we scored few points, but we scored them first. Maybe there was a sense of satisfaction, but you can’t tell the boys and the staff we worked hard and hard, they didn’t get there the results. We have fun, we perform like today that you can lose… against great teams. But our fans love us and we make them have fun, like those who watch us.”

Did you say anything to Di Gregorio? Goodbye is now certain…
“Yes, it has certainly been in the air for some time. He deserves it, he hasn’t told us officially what he will do or where he will go, but he has had two great seasons with us. He deserves to go to a great team, he is a great goalkeeper. And the national team will also arrive.”

However, some clues about Juve have arrived.
“You said it (laughs, ed.)”.

Disappointed by Spalletti’s failure to be called up to the national team beforehand?
“Certainly for a player who has that type of aspiration it’s obvious to be disappointed, especially because we won a European Championship 3 years ago. I was disappointed but I’m sure the coach made the best choices. We’ll have a great European Championship, I’ll support it too “.

Did you thank Palladino?
“Yes, I thank him every day. We’ll see what he does at the end of the season, there will be time to see and talk to each other. I’m lucky enough to be friends with the coach, I can also say goodbye to him on holiday. I’ll leave you to fantasize.”