Monza, Palladino: “In June we will decide the future. Gregorio’s? We go to Juventus to win”

Bitter epilogue of his adventure at Monza with this 2-0 conceded by Juventus. Raffaele Palladinothe red and white coach, in his last stint on the Brianza bench, commented on the defeat at the Allianz Stadium as follows: “I think we gave an excellent performance, especially the first 45 minutes. With personality, man to man across the pitch. Then it was Juve also came out with some episodes, they are good and cynical and take advantage of even the slightest carelessness. The second goal made me a little angry, but there is also the skill of the opponents. The performances were very positive, many young players and a lot of growth. I love these guys, it was exciting at the end of the game.”

Words that taste like farewell.
“It was a duty to thank everyone. I thanked the gardeners, press officers, everyone. On the part of the staff, however, they work with the lights off and give everything. We were a huge family, two really important seasons. It was a duty to thank because it was a loyal group, they made me grow as a man. In fact, I thanked them.”

The next step for Monza is to understand that we must never give up.
“You’re not wrong. That’s what I said at the end of the match. Even though football is about stimuli, we achieved safety many days early, we’ve always honored the championship. We haven’t done much in the last two months, but the performances they were great. We need to think and reflect on this, the boys are aware of this. They have incredible sensitivity. I’ve seen them feel sorry for themselves in the last few days, but I don’t want to say anything to these boys.”

Can you tell us the next city you will train in?
“Do you know where I’m going the day after tomorrow? To Naples. I’m going to my family to rest. We arrived tired at the end, we gave everything. As I said, I will speak with the club, I will think about and evaluate everything. Then at the beginning of June we will decide the future with the utmost serenity “.

Di Gregorio went to thank the fans. Goodbye imminent?
“I had the opportunity to talk to him in the center of the pitch. It seemed like the right place, the best goalkeeper of the season was also awarded. Being a Juventus player, I know the spirit of Juventus and if it were Juventus, it has the winning mentality. We come here to win, he must continue to have this mentality. Then I hugged him and thanked him for everything, he gave us a lot of points.”