Mkhitaryan: “I want to play in another Champions League final and win it. Coaching? I’ll take the course, but…”

“I was a king of cups too.” Henrikh MkhitaryanArmenian midfielder ofInterspeak like this to The print after winning the scudetto. “They are important, and in football it is important to win, but I have always dreamed of a championship in one of the five great European championships. I achieved it at the age of 35 in Italy.”

Now the dream is the Champions League?
“I would like to play in another final and win it. Against City we didn’t deserve to lose, these are matches that happen once in a career. We analyzed what we could do better, talked a lot. It made us grow.”

Another dream?“A few more goals, like when I played in attack.”

The secret of the championship?“We were all together, us as players and the fans. Their push was crazy.”

What will Mkhitaryan do at the end of his career?“Something, I’ll keep myself busy. I want to learn to cook, travel, keep fit. I don’t want to become fat. Coaching? I’ll sign up for a course, but I don’t know if I’ll want to be a coach.”