M.Orlando: “Naples, with the money of Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen maybe Conte…”

TMW Radio

To comment on the topics of the day a TMW Radioduring Maracanawas Massimo Orlandoformer footballer.

PSG has made a move on Kvaratskhelia, which could put 100 million on the table:
“How can you give up certain figures? Italian football can’t afford it. With 100 million if you’re good you can rebuild and make the team. At that point with 200 million between Osimhen and Kvara, someone like Conte could also say yes with certain figures to invest on the market”.

Who do you see on the Napoli bench?
“I think he understood that ADL must take a step back and be less of a protagonist. Also because it would be difficult for him to live in Naples too.”

Gasperini seems to have set conditions to stay in Bergamo, i.e. to aim for the Scudetto:
“Already this year the president has given Gasp everything he wanted, I don’t see why we shouldn’t continue together. It’s true that Atalanta has always had to deal with the budget, but now we’re faced with a huge opportunity. You have to buy 3 big players and keep the team you have to try. You’re in the black, if things go badly in case you sell them.”

Given that many clubs will change, Atalanta must aim for the Scudetto:
“Yes. A serious, healthy club, with enthusiasm and a leadership recognized in Italy and Europe. You have to try and not be afraid. Atalanta are no longer the ones who have to think about saving themselves but can also think about the Scudetto. Then maybe they won’t win it , but he has to try.”

Di Gregorio from Monza to Juve for 20 million: a lot or a few?
“Yes, for me it’s a great move. He’s an excellent goalkeeper, he’s young even though he’s 26 years old, he’s at the right age to perform at his best. He’s also very good at playing the ball with his feet, as Thiago asks Motta”.