Juventus, Montero: “I found a great group. I feel at home in Turin”

Speaking at the microphones of Sky Sports after the success against Monza, the Juventus coach Paolo Montero commented: “I am very happy, very excited and very grateful for the trust that the managers have given me and the behavior that the players have had with me. The staff has helped me a lot, the sensations are positive and at this moment the the primary objective was third place. We obviously depend on Atalanta’s results, but at this moment we have achieved all the objectives we had set. Congratulations to everyone and luckily the celebration with Alex ended well given the goal he scored the whole stadium applauded as he deserved because he was a great player and a great man.”

What idea did you have of all this given that you proposed this training?
“We made an evaluation with the staff and we put the players who were best, knowing that we had to get third place. We chose this team and these names, the three attackers and the 3-4-3 is relative, in two days no you can do a lot. When you coach the champions that Juventus has, everything becomes simple.”

What Juventus leaves to those who arrive?
“For the short time I was here, I found a great group, in addition to being champions I saw great men and that was what interested me.”

And there was also a nice chorus for her…
“It’s a source of pride for me, I thank the fans for the affection they show me and make me feel. When I walk in Turin it’s as if it were Montevideo, I feel at home.”