Juve, Montero: “Here not to upset anything, but to collaborate. Chiesa? A champion”

A draw with Bologna and a victory today against Monza For Paolo Monterowith the successful closing of his interim mandate at Juventus. To comment on the 2-0 given to Palladino’s red and whites, the Juventus coach takes care of the microphones of DAZN: “Excitement on the first day at Juventus? When I joined Continassa I was excited, I don’t speak much but it was simple. Honestly, I didn’t come to upset anything but to collaborate. Proud to be in front of them. Every time they play I come and I sit in the stands to watch them, it’s an honor to be in front of them and above all I said that I was only coming to collaborate.”

Once he wrote to me at two in the morning (says Ciro Ferrara, ed.).
“I couldn’t sleep and I was bored (laughs, ed.).”

Today he wasn’t bored with Juventus. And you played with the trident. Church better on the left?
“First of all in recent days we have evaluated the players who were better, for this reason the starting line-up. Chiesa, with the quality he has, can play on the right like in Florence and on the left like in the national team. The champion with a very positive head, has prepared well for the European Championship, I saw him in the stadium. If he has this pace he can also make the difference on the pitch. If he creates space one-on-one he is deadly.”

Better external then?
“Yes, we have said many times that if we build with 4 he or Kenan can come in to create superiority between the Monza midfielders. With those qualities they can play wide, inside, left or right winger. As long as they have the space to aim, there, as in the first goal, you could see that when he aims at you, you feel like he’s jumping at you.”

Where will you go now?
“I honestly don’t know (laughs, ed.)”.

Can Fagioli play in front of the defense then?
“Yes, today he was a director. He can play point guard, midfielder, he has a good dribble. He reads situations well, I’ve seen him for five days and in matches. He constantly learns information on where to position himself, where to receive, the fundamentals for football modern”.