Inter, first contact between Oaktree top management and Milan management: relations change

First contact with the management of theInter and with the leaders of Italian football, but not only. As reported by The daythe representatives of the fund Oaktreewho took over the Nerazzurri club after Suning failed to repay the loan taken out in 2021, would also have started communications with the management and ownership of the Milan.

The fund’s leaders know Giorgio Furlani, the current Rossoneri CEO, well, and the relationships between the owners should change compared to the recent past. If at a management level, with the theme of the stadium to be addressed, collaboration has always been maximum, in recent times the relations between Steven Zhang and Gerry Cardinale had instead experienced decidedly alternating phases.

The stadium itself remains a key topic. In June the clubs expect the feasibility plan from WeBuild linked to the possible renovation of San Siro. Both, as is known, have already carried out their respective plan Bs, with Milan having already acquired the land for its own facility in San Donato Milanese and Inter having extended the exclusivity on the Cabassi family’s land in Rozzano.