From Serie D to A in 12 months, Fumagalli: “I thought I’d quit, but here I am”

In twelve months from Serie D to Serie A. It’s the story of Tommaso Fumagallistriker of Howarrived in January from Giana Erminio, with whom he had scored 12 goals in 21 games in the first part of the Serie C championship, won after promotion from D with Gorgonzola’s team: “I didn’t play in D and at the end of the season I wanted to hang up my I hung up my boots. I was convinced that my journey was over, but here I am.”

What did you think about after the promotion?
“Where I was a year ago, when I wanted to stop and go back to playing with friends, in the local team. A mix of indescribable emotions: even today I can’t give myself an explanation.”

What is your favorite team?
“Inter. My father Paolo always took me to the Curva Nord at San Siro. Now, for obvious reasons, I can’t go there anymore, but until a few months ago I felt above all like a fan.”

In a few months you could play against your Inter.“I still don’t know what my future could be, but every now and then I think about it. If it were to ever happen and if I were to even manage to score, I’m sure that my father wouldn’t be happy from the corner and at home he would give me a hard time.”