Euro 2024 without VAR? Risk of legal battle for UEFA, all due to the offside

A Dutch company is suing the UEFA because… of VAR. As he writes The Sunthe company Ballinno in fact, he would have asked UEFA to no longer use VAR to identify offsides, given that this technology would have been copied. A big headache just a few weeks before the start of Euro 2024, which will see the first court hearing in Hamburg on June 3rd. Well, if the judge accepts this request, UEFA will be forced to no longer use VAR to detect offside.

“Ballinno claims that 13 years ago it was granted a patent for a method and system for detecting an offside situation. Furthermore, it claims to have registered a proposal for a chip in footballs that would instantly detect the offside position with direct communication to the referee’s earphone”, writes the portal Football and Finance. “UEFA is convinced that the use of VAR for offside should not be affected in any way even if the Hamburg court grants Ballinno’s request. Indeed, the original patent filed shows a ball blocking technology intended to warn players referees specifically in the case of offside”, continues the same source.