Cremonese, Coda: “Perfect first half. It will be a hard-fought final against Venezia”

There Cremonese beats Catanzaro 4-1 and flies to the final. Stroppa’s team will compete for access to Serie A against Venezia who overcame Palermo in the two matches. The Grigiorossi dominate from start to finish and take the lead thanks to goals from Vazquez, Buonaiuto, Coda and Sernicola.

Own Massimo Coda, scorer of the third goal and his 17th center of the season, spoke to SKY at the end of the match. These are the words of the Cremonese striker.

Couldn’t it have gone better than this?
“We had a fantastic first half which allowed us to manage our strength in the second half. The crowd pushed us from the first minute, congratulations also to the Catanzaro fans who were fantastic. We are happy with this final.”

What ending will it be?
“We worked hard, in the end we finished behind Venezia but it will be a hard-fought match, as it was in the championship”.

What should we fear about Venice?
“We are a very physical team, they play very well. We saw them a few weeks ago but we are ready to face them.”

What do you have more than Pohjanpalo?
“Nothing, he has an incredible wickedness, perhaps the kind that would be useful to me.”