Carrozzieri responds to Brunori: “Palermo is a difficult place because you don’t have the balls”

“We hoped to achieve the feat and as captain I am proud of my teammates. The club wants Serie A, I hope not to wait too long. We have not been consistent throughout the season, this is not good in Serie B. Definitely playing Palermo is not simple: you have pressures that make you responsible, but sometimes the square can destroy you in an instant.” A disappointed Matteo Brunori he commented like this, you have microphones of Skythe defeat in the Serie B playoffs at the hands of Venezia.

Words, those on the difficult square, which did not go down well with a former Palermo player like Morris Coachbuilderswho responded to the Rosanero striker like this via Facebook: “I want to understand why it is difficult to play in Palermo. I’ll tell you, because you don’t have the p… Playing in front of 40 thousand fans instead of getting excited makes you cry, this is the reason.

Be men before being players and, above all, respect the fans and the shirt you wear. When you go to sign at the office you know which square you are going to play in. I stop here. Palermo in the heart”.