Bari, the former Ventura: “Timeshare? We need clarity, especially in a similar place”

Also Giampiero Ventura he followed with apprehension the fate of Bari, who achieved safety on Thursday by beating Ternana in the Serie B playouts. These are his words to Republic: “Who to start from? I certainly can’t say it. I’m just saying that a player like Sibilli, for example, would play in all the teams in Serie B. There are other interesting players, the whole thing has been missing this season.”

On the timeshare: “I tried it in Salerno, when the company was owned by Lazio’s owner, Claudio Lotito. These are very particular situations, because there is not always a willingness to buy what is needed. I believe it is right to say with clarity on what the programs and objectives are: especially when you have a place like Bari in front of you, capable of bringing an audience to the stadium that would be among the first even in Serie A”.