Bari, Koutsoupias says goodbye: “What is a goodbye today could just be a goodbye”

Ilias KoutsoupiasBari midfielder but owned by Benevento, out since last January due to a broken cruciate, through his profile Instagramgreets Bari like this:

“I waited and hoped until the last day, before writing. I first suffered and then rejoiced, together with everyone.
It was the conclusion we deserved, after a turbulent year it’s true but still full of emotions. And with salvation even the greetings are less heavy. I had a great time in Bari. I immediately felt at home. And thanks to this – probably – it was easier to deal with the injury too.
I was terribly sorry not to be there for this final race, I suffered like you, I rejoiced together with you. I thank everyone for the affection you have shown me: club, team, fans. Everyone: no one excluded. Now our paths separate, but who knows that one day what is today a goodbye could just be a “goodbye”