Balotelli’s agent: “He expected the exclusion. Donnarumma in Serie A? Nothing is impossible, but…”

Giacomo Bonaventura out, but also Mario Balotelli. The Italian striker, now at Adana Demirspor, is not among the 30 pre-summoned by coach Luciano Spalletti for the European Championships. Unlike that of the Fiorentina midfielder, Super Mario’s exclusion did not come as a bolt from the blue, he assures Tuttosport his agent Enzo Raiola: “He also particularly loves the blue shirt, but he expected the exclusion. Even though I think it could have been important, but he created a character for himself that isn’t what many people have said.”

Could he end his career in Serie A?
“He would be delighted.”

Who will be there is Donnarumma. Lots of criticism.
“It has almost become an attraction for social media, it gets views. But the results count and it is among the best in the world.”

And could Gigio return to Serie A?
“Nothing is impossible, but Gigio is very happy at PSG and PSG is very happy with him. No changes are foreseen.”

Arab sirens for Bennacer?
“No, he’s young. There will be time for Arabia.”