Allegri responds to Juventus’ complaints: now court or mediation

Massimiliano Allegri has decided to respond to the accusations made against him by Juventus in the letter of complaint received from CEO Maurizio Scanavino. Cheer up, we read above Tuttosport, has instructed his lawyers to reconstruct the facts and present his version of events, contesting all allegations that could justify dismissal for just cause. Juventus had announced the dismissal in a rather cold manner, citing “conduct during and after the Italian Cup final not compatible with the club’s values”.

Among the company’s accusations were Allegri’s outbursts against the referees, a spectacular expulsion, conflicts with the sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli, verbal attacks towards the director of Tuttosportdamage to photographic equipment and tensions with security personnel.

Now, Juventus must decide how to proceed. Allegri responded within the expected five-day deadline, and the club is evaluating the next moves, taking into account the defense presented by the coach, who declared his willingness to provide further clarifications. Violation of the club’s code of ethics could result in sanctions ranging from a warning to a fine, up to dismissal for just cause. Juventus’ lawyers are considering whether there are the conditions for this last option, which would allow the club to save around 13 million euros gross, by interrupting the contract of Allegri and his staff, which expires on 30 June 2025.

A dismissal for just cause, however, would almost certainly open up a legal dispute. Allegri would not accept this decision and would turn to ordinary justice, since there is no specific sporting body to resolve these disputes for coaches. In court, Juventus and Allegri would have to demonstrate their reasons: if the judges were to agree with the coach, he would be paid his salary until 2025 and possible compensation for damages. However, if Juventus were to win, in addition to not having to pay the remainder of the salary, the club could ask for compensation for damage to its image. The third way? A mediation that resolves the issue with a possible severance pay.