Parma, Pecchia: “Giving continuity to the project is an added value. The philosophy does not change”

Fabio Pecchiacoach of Parma, made some statements on the sidelines of an event in the Region, with the president of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini who rewarded Parma after winning the cadet championship and promotion to Serie A. These are his words collected by Tardini Stadium

The managers spoke of a young and prospective team, which will need additions of experience:
“The philosophy is quite clear, we continue on this path. Every year there has been a completion of the squad. Last year it didn’t help much, for next year we will have other discussions to face Serie A and to be ready. philosophy remains that of wanting to work with young people with perspective and values”.

Bolognese by adoption, he experienced another evening of celebrations:
“Yes, I experienced it indirectly, living in Bologna. It touched all the people of Bologna, rightly so, it’s something extraordinary. In addition to the fact that I played in Bologna many years ago, I live this city and I’m happy for the goal they achieved.”

In view of the next Serie A there will be a series of changes on the benches:
“I think about what will happen to Parma. We can give continuity to the work, this is an added value. We must be confident, we will face a different championship but we will do it with our own strength”.

Today in the Region for the recognition of Emilia Romagna:
“A great honor, it’s a pleasure to be here. As the president defined it, Parma is an excellence of a winning region, from a sporting point of view but not only, I can say this by living there. Very nice, let’s hope for the future to be able to come back here because it means that the job was done well.”

How does the work with the market management work?
“Beyond the individual figures, there is a corporate structure. The fact of providing technical continuity is an added value. What I do on the field is very clear to the managers, the philosophy of the company is very clear to me. The two things they travel on the same track, the only objective is to make Parma strong.”