Palermo, Mignani: “With this club there is everything to return to Serie A soon”

“In the first leg it was another match. Today Venezia beat us and there is nothing to say. Unfortunately we went behind on their first shot on target, just 4 minutes had passed and the head became heavy. They continued to push, taking advantage of our difficulties, but we also created some conditions to equalize it despite suffering in some circumstances. In the second half we tried to react, to give a signal, to believe until the end. It wasn’t enough with seven days to go and I tried to put a little bit of my own into it, remembering that Palermo had done good things despite the ups and downs that are part of a journey.

Venezia, however, proved to be in better shape than us. Here, however, there is a very important club behind us, the return to Serie A is only a matter of time. After a period of adaptation, the conditions will be created for a rosy future from all points of view. Tonight’s disappointment will be transformed into an opportunity to grow further. Bari’s salvation? A feeling of disappointment prevails over this result. Clearly I remain attached to Bari and I am very happy that they survived.” These are the words of the Palermo coach Michele Mignani to Sky.