Mandorlini: “Padova-Vicenza still open despite the 2-0 in the first leg”

TMW Radio

Andrea Mandorlinia coach who in his career has coached Hellas Verona, Mantua, Padua, Cremonese and Genoa among others, spoke to the microphones of TMW Radio during transmission To All C.

About Padua-Vicenza?
“The result is important even if the 2-0 is not decisive. From a technical point of view it is quite balanced. The game is still open.”

Is it better to play straight away or enter the playoffs later?
“It happened to me last year in Padua and I lost right at the last penalty. It’s different, I don’t know if better or worse. I think the playoffs are just a different championship, a different world. It’s not the fact of playing before or after.”

Vecchi in Vicenza or Oddo in Padua?
“Oddo has already made a final, even if he lost it. Vecchi won two years ago with FeralpiSalò and is a coach who has already won. For me the values ​​among the coaches are equivalent. Beyond the coaches, the players count and Vicenza has a few more. The match, however, can be overturned.”

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