Genoa report cards – Malinovskyi and Vitinha good. Comfortable debut from the 1st minute for Cittadini

Final result: Genoa-Bologna 2-0

Loyal 6 – Used only once as a starter in the league before tonight, Gilardino decides to entrust him with the goal in his last outing of the season. And the former Ascoli player responds present. From 86′ Sommariva sv

Citizens 6 – Brilliant debut from the first minute in the rossoblù for the 2002 class, who is always precise in his plays and never gets into difficulty. From 76′ Matturro sv

I want 6 – No problem for the Genoa central defender: ordinary administration for ninety minutes.

Vasquez 6 – The same judgment expressed for Vogliacco applies to him.

Sabelli 6 – Not a great push from him on the outside, but the work done in the defensive phase by one of Gilardino’s Genoa certainties is certainly appreciable. From 63′ Spence 6 – He enters the field with the right attitude, immediately tries to show off but fails to make an impact.

Thorsby 6.5 – One of the most involved in the rossoblù maneuver, it is from his feet that the action that leads to Malinovskyi’s goal starts.

Malinovskyi 7 – He appears decidedly at ease in front of the defense. He broke the deadlock after less than a quarter of an hour with a nice left-footed shot from the edge of the penalty area, starting the Grifone’s success. From 63′ Strootman 6 – Gilardino gives him thirty minutes for the last match of his career with the Genoa shirt: he is loudly acclaimed by the “Ferraris” crowd, but it couldn’t have been otherwise.

Frendrup 6.5 – Great work in midfield again tonight for the Dane, who is expected to make a definitive leap in quality in the 2024/25 season.

Martin 6.5 – Author of the assist for the 1-0 scored by Malinovskyi, he seamlessly alternates between the defensive and offensive phases, keeping opponents’ references at bay in his area of ​​the pitch.

Gudmundsson 6.5 – He had a hand in Vitinha’s second goal on an evening spent, until then, in the shadows. In the final, the 3-0 goal was devoured with the goal unguarded after a carelessness from the young Bagnolini.

Vitinha 7 – Among the most lively, he fights like a lion in every area of ​​the pitch, managing with full merit to also score the doubling goal just before the hour mark. From 76′ Ekuban sv

Alberto Gilardino 7 – Closes the season with a beautiful victory against the revelation of the championship. In the pre-match he had mentioned a match prepared in the best possible way and, in fact, his boys made practically nothing mistakes.