Bologna, Thiago Motta: “I’ll take these guys and the city with me. The rest doesn’t matter”

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10.46pm – A defeat which however does not affect Bologna’s progress. The Bolognese team fell 2-0 at Marassi against Genoa but I can celebrate an extraordinary championship which culminated in qualification for the Champions League. In a few moments the rossoblù coach Thiago Motta will analyze the “Ferraris” race in the press conference. Follow the live text on

11.24pm – Thiago Motta’s press conference begins.

Bologna did good for football. Why didn’t you stay?
“It matters little for what reason, what matters is what has been done in recent seasons. What matters is what the boys have done on the pitch and what the fans have done and continue to do. I gave everything I had inside me from the first to the last day to these guys and this city. That’s what counts. I’m a happy man even if I don’t stay, I’ll carry these kids and the city in my heart. That’s what counts.

How difficult is it for you to leave this environment?
“I think of the positive things I received. I never asked for anything. I said that I was the first to have the duty to give something. Today I’m not staying but that’s not what counts. What counts is what I’ve done in these two seasons and I will take the city with me and every one of these kids.”

Why the choice to leave Bologna? A choice that shocked people
“I love the people and they love me. When they stop me in the city it’s the best thing. Because they understood the respect I have for this city, for this club and for these guys. It’s been a two-year cycle, I will remember what we all did together, I always respected your opinion even if I often didn’t agree. These people made me happy. I think I gave everything I had inside to bring Bologna as high as possible.”

You said people love you. When someone who loves is left, it hurts us.
“I’m not leaving anyone. I just communicated that I’m not staying. It’s very different. I love this city, these kids. We’ve done extraordinary things. Beautiful emotions that I will take with me. I hope I’ve been of help to these kids.”

What did the group say when you announced your choice?
“For the moment these are things that must remain inside. I was very direct, respecting the times and I was very honest with them. I think this is no small thing. I have always had the same respect and the same honesty from part of these guys. It may seem not, but I am satisfied and very happy to have done these two seasons in an extraordinary team, to have lived in a wonderful city. We have always gone at 200 per hour trained these guys. Now I can rest and think about my family.”

What does this experience leave you with?
“I’m happy with what we’ve all done together. Many years have passed, I’m happy with what we’ve done. The rest doesn’t matter.”