Bari, Pissardo: “Minimum wage salvation, but a joy. From Caesar in history”

Marco Pissardo, goalkeeper of Bari, protagonist in the playouts with Ternana, spoke to the microphones of Sports Radio

“The final lost at the last second has certainly left its aftermath. This has been a troubled year, there have been changes of coaches and we haven’t found a solution. These are seasons in which everything goes wrong: salvation is the minimum wage but it’s a joy at how it arrived.”

From reserve to protagonist in the most important moment, how do you evaluate your season?
“I arrived quietly from Serie C and after an uninspiring season. Bari gave me a conscious chance to be behind, but with work and some situations I had the chance to take the field and gave my contribution to salvation” .

How was the relationship with the fans this year?Despite the results, the square was almost always close to us, criticizing us when it was necessary to do so. We didn’t do well, but when we had to grit our teeth they gave us a hand both for the last match at home and for the playouts and for this I can only thank them.”

The absolute protagonist, also thanks to that crazy goal last night in Terni, is certainly captain Di Cesare
“I think he entered the history of football, he did something that no one knew about. He scored great goals and all of them were heavy, with his way of doing things he always convinced us to believe in him, not to give up. I think his contribution was the most great. If he stops? I heard what he said yesterday, but I don’t know.

As regards your future, is there a desire to stay in Bari?
“For my part, there is a great desire to stay, I would really like to stay and I will give it my priority. I have always had a great time, whether playing or not. I like the city, I love everything about this square.”

His start as a footballer?
“Dad directed me to the role, because according to him I wasn’t good with my feet. Our role is like this, we even make a hundred saves but then if we make a mistake it’s a goal.”

What must Bari do to restart now?
“I think the team is strong even if they haven’t shown it, they have individuals of great quality. I wouldn’t touch too much, relegation would certainly have been an indelible stain and we averted it, but I see great men before internal players. of the group”.

You played for the youth team with Inter and were called up to the first team by Spalletti
“I made two benches with Spalletti at Inter, Berni was injured and for me it was a great joy. The Serie A bench at San Siro is something that everyone dreams of as children and I’m lucky to have done it.”