Zazzaroni: “Allegri and this Juve are incompatible. Max knew it, but he tried”

“The Bolt and the Screwdriver.” On the pages of Corriere dello Sportthe director Ivan Zazzaroni comments on the dismissal of Massimiliano Allegri in home Juventus: “The harsh truth is contained in a single word in the statement: incompatibility. From the first moment, eighteen months ago, Max understood that he had little in common with this Juve, […] but he, stubborn, lazy and naive – yes, naive – as he is, tried to adapt to something and someone who probably rejected him because he had other ideas, other goals, another history and other methods. […]

The letter delivered to the technician lists the 5 reasons that led the owner to bring forward the farewell by about ten days: In my opinion, the attitude towards the fourth official is irrelevant, a situation that unfortunately occurs in all fields of the world with a frequency and tones that are not very edifying; the destruction of LaPresse’s photographic material could have been resolved with compensation which the agency did not demand; the misunderstandings (euphemism) with the director Giuntoli had been evident for months and on Wednesday night a few too many words escaped; the coldness towards the president and CEO Max should have avoided it: however, no one had let it be known to both Ferrero and Scanavino that in the minutes following the final whistle Allegri is the least approachable person in the world: he releases tension with terms that are not exactly urban, in the Livorno style, all instinct (which I don’t justify but I understand).

By suspending Allegri, the company wanted to protect its image and interests. And knowing one of the top executives, I don’t think money has anything to do with it: football is a lie and an ugly world, it has a language and ways that are not tolerable by those who don’t frequent it regularly.”