Tuchel: “Bayern without titles is a disappointment but we are coming out of these 15 months with our heads held high”

The Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel spoke in a press conference about his performance during the season: “If I had to analyze the season in one sentence, I could obviously say that a season without titles with Bayern is not satisfactory. Obviously there was also a very disappointing performance in the Cup of Germany and we take full responsibility for this. We are second in the Bundesliga and are still fighting for that place. Our points haul would have been enough to win the title in nine of the last 11 seasons.

We also had a big injury problem throughout the season. Leverkusen never lost the entire season. Given the circumstances we had, the haul of points is fine. The Champions League season was perfect until the 87th minute in Madrid. It’s worth taking a differentiated look at the season. We will never shirk our responsibilities. But we have the right to emerge from these 15 months with our heads held high.

The great art of being a coach is to free yourself from judgment. It’s not about ego, it’s about doing the job every day with ambition but also with ease. I believe we always leave our mark. This also happened here in a very collegial way. This is worth more than external judgement. Of course we are happy to receive praise, but this should never be the driving force.”