Nzola’s report cards: more decisive than usual, a good sign for Athens

The net and a good performance by Mbala Nzola they are not enough Florentine to overcome the Naples. The former Spezia striker, who scored in the 42nd minute following a light touch from Politano, is still among the best on the pitch according to the experts.

6.5 in the report for La Gazzetta dello Sport: “I start a little quietly, then Politano gives him the ball and he doesn’t take any time: winning diagonal. Lately he’s been more decisive than usual: a good sign in view of the final in Athens “. Same vote on the pages of Corriere dello Sport: “He hadn’t scored in the league since January 14, against Udinese. It hasn’t been an exciting season for the former Spezia player, far from it. But in this final he’s regaining something of what he had left on the street, goals against Bruges in the first leg and goals against Napoli, with a lethal attack and a sharp and precise diagonal, this time as a true center forward.”

We close with the analysis from Tuttosport: “Spectator for 42 minutes, then scores a goal that deserves applause which is worth the double. He hasn’t scored in Serie A since January 14th.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport: 6.5
Corriere dello Sport: 6.5
Tuttosport: 6.5
FlorenceViola: 7