Napoli draws in Florence and risks losing Europe. Calzona doesn’t tell her

Napoli fails to get the final blow to Franchi: despite a decent performance, certainly above the average of what we have seen in recent weeks, it ends 2-2 against Fiorentina. Rrahmani’s push and Kvaratskhelia’s feat were not enough for Calzona’s group to emerge with three points from Florence, on a night that risks having truly closed the door on the Azzurri’s ambitions to reach a European placement next year.

Against Italian men, on whom De Laurentiis continues to keep an eye on, the Georgian star of Kvara shines, without a doubt, but also in midfield there have been good signs from Anguissa at times. In the Neapolitan environment, however, discouragement still prevails. And after the match, Mr. Calzona didn’t let them know, forcefully lashing out against the rumors about his latest training sessions and the fierce criticism of his work.

He said, among other thingsin the press conference: “Now there is profiteering that I wouldn’t train the team, that I wouldn’t go to the field and just play games or everything else… The staff and managers tell me. To those gentlemen who say these things we can say that every training session is filmed and catalogued, maybe we make them choose one at random… Before tactics and technique, however, there must be pride, team spirit and motivation day to the boys: we can train as much as we want but without them, there’s no point. Today we scored goals according to plan because the team was in the game except for a small stretch.”