Napoli, Calzona: “I take my responsibilities, but I shouldn’t be the only one”

Francesco Calzona speaks in a press conference after his Napoli’s 2-2 draw against Fiorentina, focusing attention on off-field events: “Is today’s pride a basis for the future? Now there is profiteering so I wouldn’t coach the team, that I wouldn’t go to the field and just play games or everything else… The staff and managers tell me to those gentlemen who say these things we can say that every training session is filmed and catalogued, maybe we’ll let them choose one at random … Before tactics and technique, however, there must be pride, team spirit and motivation. I tell the boys these things every day: we can train as much as we want but without them, it’s useless Today we scored goals according to plan because the team was in the game except for a small stretch.”

Is this season and its management a failure?
“My management has kept the team in the same position and I take responsibility. I shouldn’t be the only one… I didn’t expect all these problems, of course, I didn’t expect a catastrophe that is not only on the pitch but general. I had to think only about the field and what my job would be like but do many other things and no one told me anything. Maybe I underestimated the situation because I didn’t know it.”

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