Lazio, Tudor announces: “Luis Alberto called up. Tomorrow Provedel will start”

“Luis Alberto is called up, he had a normal week and is called up.” In home Lazio the case linked to the Spanish midfielder, who was not called up due to a technical choice in the last season of the championship, is closed, at least for now. At the press conference, Igor Tudor thus announcing his return for tomorrow’s match at San Siro against Inter. The Croatian coach also announced another return, in goal: “Here there is a clear hierarchy. Provedel is the starter and he returns to the pitch tomorrow. Mandas has done very well in recent weeks, but Provedel is number one and he returns tomorrow in goal.”

What role does Isaksen have in the present and future of Lazio?
“Isaksen had some playing time at the beginning and then played little. He is a boy who I respect a lot with important qualities from a physical and approach point of view, he has only recently been in Italy, in a championship that is not easy. I always choose the best for the team team and for the club because there are others too, everyone has the chance to demonstrate Sunday after Sunday. The respect is there and in the future we will see it together. In football everything changes in two matches, you go up and you go down.”

How can Kamada grow further?
“I speak little with him, not because of the language because we speak English and his Italian is also improving. We speak little because he is doing the right things. It’s like with children, if you have 4-5 at home with those who do the you talk to us less about the right things. Kamada is a machine in the positive sense, he doesn’t make any mistakes, he has a crazy brain linked to his footballing talent. He can play all the roles in midfield, he steals the ball and takes the team forward, I respect him and he’s a great discovery for me”.

Tudor’s press conference.